Improving the health and safety of employed populations


Musculoskeletal health conditions (MSD) are the highest medical cost diagnostic group and cause for disability for individuals and employers.

Musculoskeletal Wellness

Prevent, diagnose and resolve symptoms
before they become injuries


  • Define Physical Job Demands
  • Promote Preventative Exercises
  • Conduct Physical Ability Exams
  • Offer Ergonomic Job Coaching
  • Wellness Program Incentives

Pro-Active Care Coordination

  • MSD Symptom Consultation
  • OSHA MSD First Aid
  • Triage Injuries to Orthopedic
  • On-Site RTW Rehabilitation
  • Progressive Transitional Work
See How It Works
Resolve Symptoms and Reduce OSHA REcordables


Reduce occupational safety and health administration recordable MSD injuries by 60%!


Eliminate unnecessary disability workdays.

*Workers' Comp

Reduce Workers' Compensation medical costs by 30%!


Improve employee morale and productivity

We strive to achieve accountable care for employers, payers and providers

Dale Bugay
Founder of OAC
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*If you are an employer and are not satisfied with the increasing absenteeism due to musculoskeletal issues, or with the current uncoordinated system you and your employees experience around musculoskeletal disease, Please reach out to us!

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